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    Drain cleaning is a very simple yet tricky service, because there are a variety of causes for your drain to be plugged or backing up and the best was to find out is through a certified plumbing company. Hydro jetting uses a flexible high pressure nozzle which pushes water to help break down particles after the drain is unclogged. This is one of the most common ways to unclog a drain without any digging or exposing of pipes. 

    Video camera inspections have become popular among our clients for anyone wanting to know whats going on in their drain pipes and what to further prepare for or replace before the next season comes along. The video monitor in live time can accurately show blockages and punctures.  It is very helpful for the service men as well.  

    With drain issues you could be dealing with a few different root problems. Bathroom sink and shower drain clogs are easy to detect and there are a few things you can also try on you're own before you call the plumber. In most cases sink and shower drain clogs are due to hair or soap stuck down the pipes, if that is the case for you, simply go over to your local hardware shop and find a hair clog snake and pry it out. 



    Kitchen sink clogs are commonly due to grease or food particles getting stuck and causing a backup. Most issues can be resolved simply plugging one side of the kitchen sing and plunging the other.

Depending on the severity you may want to remove the P-trap and clean it out as best you can before you attempt to pump, as that can cause the blockage to get stuck further down the pipeline.

     Clogged toilets are by far the most annoying, most everyone would attests to that. Luckily there are a few ways you can prevent it. The types of items you do and do not flush make a great impact on the longevity of your septic as well as clog prevention. Yes many toiletries you purchase will tell you whether they are septic safe, this just means it is decompose-able