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  • Bath

  • Bathroom Sink

  • Irrigation Line

  • Kitchen Sink

  • Landscape Drain

  • Main Line

  • Shower

  • Video Camera Inspection


LEFT: Our service tech, Matt, snaking out a kitchen sink line.

RIGHT: Our service tech, Matt, augering out a toilet. 


Although Drain Cleaning products are advertised on T.V. and you can find them at your local hardware store, we do not recommend them. They can crystalize in your lines and sometimes do more harm than good. If you do end up using them and they don't work, make sure you always inform us when you call in for a service call. We need to make sure our servicemen know that you have used Drain Cleaning products because it can cause damage to our equipment. Feel free to remind the serviceman when he arrives at your home.


If you’re having a persistent or reoccurring issue with your sewer line, a service we offer is our video camera to inspect your sewer line for any issues or abnormalities. The things we are looking for in the sewer line is roots, broken pipes and/or Pictured to the left, is what out video camera looks like.  

arboga road rental_edited.jpg

Pictured to the right, is an issue of a root bound toilet flange our tech discover after pulling a toilet to see why the customers toilet was causing a back up issue.

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