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We Repair & Replace:

  • Water Heaters

  • Leaky Kitchen Sinks

  • Basins

  • Tubs

  • Laundry Faucets

  • Water Lines

  • Sewer Lines

  • Installing Clean Outs


     Plumbing leaks, when gone undetected, can cause some very expensive repairs. They are usually easy to detect and repair if caught at an early stage. Look for signs of standing water, wet spots, lifting or peeling flooring and ceiling. When dealing with plumbing leaks, pipe backups, and repairs it is very important to recognize where your water shutoff valve is located in case of a pipe failure or backup in your home. The water flow if left on will let about 20 gallons of water into your home per minute. 

     Over time the corrosion of pipelines, mineral buildup, and minor repairs will cause a faucets to become leaky. Usually these repairs and replacements are easy to fix on your own. After you distinguish where the leak is coming from you will need to find the piece that needs replacing.

     Installing clean outs can be one of the most efficient things you could do for your future plumbing needs. A sewer clean out is PVC pipe connected to your sewer line with a threaded cap that can be opened when access is needed. the purpose of installing a clean out such as this is to prevent unnecessary digging and searching in any future plumbing event.